AIM and Native American take over of Alcatraz

indianThe American Indian Movement was an organization formed to help address and solve the issues of poverty, treaty issues, police harrassment, etc. In 1971 they marched and protested which was known as “The Tail of Broken Treaties.” Since then they have led multiple protests and have inspired cultural renewal and so forth.When the Native Americans took over Alcatraz they occupied the island for 19 months! It eventually was put to and end by the US government.I don’t quite understand how the Native Americans were able to take over Alcatraz for 19 months! I can’t believe they weren’t stopped sooner!!!

“We invite the United States to acknowledge the justice of our claim. The choice now lies with the leaders of the American government – to use violence upon us as before to remove us from our Great Spirit’s land, or to institute a real change in its dealing with the American Indian. We do not fear your threat to charge us with crimes on our land. We and all other oppressed peoples would welcome spectacle of proof before the world of your title by genocide. Nevertheless, we seek peace.  ” Richard Oakes 

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