Chicano Movement and Impacts

Chicanos fightThe Chicano movement was an extension of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement there goal was to achieve Mexican empowerment. The Chicano Movement also wanted to end discrimination. Early in the twentieth century, Mexican Americans formed organizations to protect themselves from discrimination. One of those organizations, the League of United Latin American citizens was formed in 1929 and remains active today.

The Journal of American Historydescribes some of the negativity of the time in stating, “The conflict between Chicanos and the LAPD thus helped Mexican Americans develop a new political consciousness that included a greater sense of ethnic solidarity, an acknowledgment of their subordinated status in American society, and a greater determination to act politically, and perhaps even violently, to end that subordination. While most people of Mexican descent still refused to call themselves Chicanos, many had come to adopt many of the principles intrinsic in the concept of Chicanismo.”

They fough hard to make there voices heard. Everybody knew that blacks were fighting for freedom, but not many people took the time to listen or even care about Chicanos struggles..The impact they had was they led marches and made it clear that they wanted equality too and they achieved it because of the 14th Amendment.

Work Cited:”Chicano Movement.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 02 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2013.

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