Little Rock Nine

ElizabethIn 1948 Arkansas became the first Southern state to admit African Americans to Universities. In 1957 nine African American students volunteered to be the first blacks at Little Rock High School. 8 of the 9 students got phone calls so they could be escorted to school for safety, but one girl Elizabeth Eckford didn’t have a phone so she went alone. She walked onto the campus where she was greeted by an angry mob including one woman who spat on her. The girl was traumatized!

If i was in her shoes I would forever be afraid of going to school. I can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to be hated so much by strangers.

” I looked into the face of an old woman, and it seemed a kind face, but when i looked at her again, she spat on me.: – Elizabeth Eckford

“If we honestly acknowledged our painful but shared past, then we can have reconciliation.”-Elizabeth Eckford

She is very brave and i admire her for her courage!

Work Cited:

Danzer, Gerald A. “Taking on Segregation.” The Americans: Reconstruction through the 20th Century. Evanston, IL: McDougal Littell, 1999. 699-700. Print.

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